Chairs R  8.00 1.8m Steel rect, Table R 25.00 1.8m Round table 8-10 seater R 50.00 900mm Cocktail table, adjustable R 55.00 Kiddies Chairs R   8.00

Minimatt:   Damask:   2.5m x 1.5m Rect. Table cloth R35.00 2.2m x 3.2m Rect. Table cloth R75.00 2.2m x 3.2m Rect. Table cloth R45.00 3.2m round R75.00 3m Ro

Linen R10.00 Stretch R10.00    

      Exclusive   Continental: Essentials: Noritake: Dinner Plate R1.10 R1.30 R9.85 Side Plate R1.10 R1.30 R9.85 Soup Plat

      (excl)   Eloff: Finesse: Duxberry: Steak Knife   R1.90 R9.00 Starter Knife R1.10 R1.30 R9.00 Starter Fork R

Glasses       (Exclusive)   Standard Savvoy Breeze Lead Crystal cut glass: Da Vinci White Wine R1.10 R1.30 R 3.80 R12.80 Red Wine

Tot measure R8.00 Ice tongs R4.50 Wine Opener R8.00 Ice Bucket R15.00 Waiter Trays - Non Slip R15.00 Zink/Ice Baths R50.00 Champagne Cooler -

Spit Braai with gas (R480.00 excl gas) R600.00 Drum Braai R100.00 Braai tongs R15.00  

Under Plates: Gold,Silver,Bronze R9.00 Napkin Rings: Silver                      Diamante R6.80 R7.80 Fairy lights

Urn-15lt R85.00 Chafing Dishes Rectangular R80.00 Chafing Dishes Round R70.00 Flazz R15.00 Bain Marie 3-Division & Inserts R380.00 Hot Water Flask 2 litre
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